My portfolio of projects, work experience and publications

Projects and Experience

My portfolio of projects and experience highlights the contributions I've made to web and software projects throughout my career both as a freelancer and as a team member or contractor working directly for larger organizations and agencies.

Alford Homes Inc. is my dad's construction business where I worked for several years as a carpenter, cabinetmaker and contractor before changing careers into software development. Alford Homes builds world-class architectural homes and operates custom cabinetry, furniture, mill work and metal fabrication shops.

I got my start in web development coding up a static version of this website years ago, and throughout the years, I've updated and redesigned it to use the latest web development technologies, styles and services. It's an honor to showcase my family's business while also honing my own craft of web development.

Center to Advance Palliative Care

Throughout the years I've worked on many features for the Center to Advance Palliative Care's website as an external freelance developer for the web agency Green Light Go.

Helping doctors help relieve patients from their pain and suffering.

My first web development 'client' was a small boutique web agency founded in NYC called Green Light Go. I've returned to work for them off and on throughout the years, primarily on the website for the Center to Advance Palliative Care,

Some of the largest features that I've delivered for include an e-commerce storefront with a fully integrated payment system, an online educational portal for the Palliative Care Leadership Centers program and customized tools to help their organization expand and retain their own clientele such as the Hospital Cost Savings Impact Calculator.

Wheels Up

I worked as an external contractor through the agency Lightmatter on a small team of engineers brought in by their client Wheels Up to build the CMS that powers the private aviation company's entire digital platform.

Writing code that powers the nation's leading purveyor of on-demand private jet flights.

Working as a software engineer for the NYC-based digital agency Lightmatter, I was assigned to a team of designers, product managers and software engineers tasked with designing and building a highly-customized CMS to manage Wheels Up's digital content across their web and mobile platforms.

Zonar Systems

I worked for three years as a software engineer on the mobile platform team for the transportation technology company Zonar Systems.

Keeping the roads safe and revolutionizing the transportation business with the power of big data.

As an engineer on the mobile platform team at Zonar Systems, I helped write and maintain the code that connects tens of thousands of vehicles to Zonar's technology systems through their propriety hardware, tablets and mobile applications.

Zonar's patented technology helps semi-truck, bus and construction vehicle drivers log their hours for federal compliance, inspect their vehicles, meet safety and fuel efficiency standards and communicate with their dispatchers.

A key part of my role at Zonar was to use my skills in web development to build internal tooling for the company's software engineers and customer support team to help them troubleshoot issues in the field and gain valuable insights into live vehicle data using cloud computing and big data technology.

Technical Writing Portfolio

I write coding tutorials and technical articles for the blogs of tech companies including Twilio and Mattermost, and as a contributing author for the digital content agency ContentLab whose clients include Microsoft, Meta, Adobe and many others.


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